Lighting is considered to be one of the important distinctive features of shop fixtures and fittings and POS-materials of the premium class. With ever increasing frequency such project concepts are based on application of the lighting technologies. Lighting solutions are rightfully treated as the most feasible part of the projects for decoration of shopping areas.
In 2012 generation change happened in the lighting solutions.
POSMO3 company, in cooperation with one of the leading global manufacturers of lighting engineering, has developed its own lighting solutions for the high-end shop fixtures and fittings and POS-materials, which are aimed at market promotion of premium and luxury brands.
Our lighting solutions may be applied for production of up-to-date LED-panels, as well as area and linear lighting in furniture and POSM
We offer different options for illumination of the items to meet customer demands. Basic requirements may include color temperature, shade, overall dimensions of a surface to be illuminated, power consumption or color rendering index
Our specialists will take all your desires into consideration and propose exactly what you need. For example, it may be cold white color comprised of several cold white values.
We cooperate with the leading diode suppliers. All applied diodes are certified.
Our latest development is the items made on the basis of X5 and X7 new generation light-emitting diodes and their combinations.
Distinctive features of new products are as follows:
  • High color rendering index CRI = 85;
  • Uniform light dispersion;
  • Big luminous flux. Luminous efficacy 110 lm/W at color temperature 5,000 К;
  • No degradation in specifications during the lifetime;
  • Lifetime more than 50,000 hours (more than 10 years if product is used for 12 hours a day)
  • Full spectrum of color temperatures – from warm white 2,700 К to cold white 6,500 К, including the possibility to choose color temperature within a color;
  • Problem of binning (light-emitting diodes sorting by color variations) solved and therefore good reproducibility and uniformity of brightness and color parameters achieved;
  • Relatively low electric energy consumption;
  • Compact size allowing manufacture of ultrathin LED-panels