• Development of design project
    Interior design requires comprehensive package approach. In addition to unerring taste, a designer has to be armed with relevant skills in working with color, shape, texture, perspective and light, as well as knowledge of modern materials and technologies, ergonomics rules and even perceptual psychology. Along with such an extensive theoretical background, our specialists possess hands-on experience in interior design – from development of pre-design offer up to its implementation.
  • Lighting
    Lighting is considered to be one of the important distinctive features of shop fixtures and fittings and POS-materials of the premium class. With ever increasing frequency such project concepts are based on application of the lighting technologies. Lighting solutions are rightfully treated as the most feasible part of the projects for decoration of shopping areas.
    In 2012 generation change happened in the lighting solutions.
    POSMO3 company, in cooperation with one of the leading global manufacturers of lighting engineering, has developed its own lighting solutions for the high-end shop fixtures and fittings and POS-materials, which are aimed at market promotion of premium and luxury brands.
  • Work with metals and composite panels
    • milling
    • Sheet materials are quickly and precisely cut on the modern equipment according to the files. Thereby we can mill products of any complexity and shape. 
    • bending
    • radius bending
    • argon-arc weldingstainless steel polishing
  • Work with plastic and plexiglas
    • milling
    • Sheet materials are quickly and precisely cut on the modern equipment according to the files. In addition to cutting, this machine is also applied for 3D-milling of materials.
    • laser cutting
    • Laser technologies allow cutting shapes of any complexity from plexiglas and plastic. No machining is needed after the laser cutting, as plexiglas cutting surface appears to be smooth and transparent.
    • diamond polishing of the ends.
  • Wide format printing
    • pressure-sensitive adhesive film
    • paper
    • banner fabric
    After-printing works:
    • installation of grommets, pockets gluing off
    • knurling on a base (foam board, PVC, polystyrene, plexiglas, etc.)
    • bending, splicing
    • cutting along the contoured profiles
  • Plotter cutting

    We manufacture stickers from pressure sensitive adhesive films based on contour cut files: logotypes, texts, images; and thereafter attach them to different surfaces of industrial equipment, furniture, POS-materials.

  • Delivery in Russia
    We deliver our products to any part of Russia within the shortest time.
  • Assembly and disassembly
    We offer service on high-quality and rapid assembly and disassembly of the products.
  • Servicing
    We provide servicing of the products.