Naruzhka MagazineNo. 143 dated February, 2013, Page 28 - DALMORE STARRY DISPLAY CASESRE

At the turn of the last year showroom of the State Department Store turned into a real observatory. The event was dedicated to presentation of the world top-priced collection of single-malt whiskey – the Dalmore Constellation, held in Moscow on November 29, 2012. POSMO3 company, which developed the display cases, was challenged to assist in making the collection presentation as much successful as possible through emphasizing the products nobleness and uniqueness.

It is commonly known that the stars live in the sky and their brightness is better visible in the night. That is why night sky of stars became a concept of display cases design...

Naruzhka MagazineNo. 142 dated December, 2012, Page 31 - SIGN BOARD "V LESU"

Sales outlet of microcity “v Lesu” is located in Krasnogorsky District, Moscow region, six kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road MKAD. The building impresses with its progressive architecture. Three-dimensional light structure – sign board “V Lesu” – is put right in front of the building.

Letters design had to simply repeat a logotype and did not require any originality from the maker. However, the manufacturing technology added a space for self-expression and fresh ideas. Whole-glued letters were made of acrylic glass according to the technology, being more typical to indoor-equipment, and illuminated by LED elements. Owing to this technology it was possible to make fully illuminated light letters.

POSMO3 is the author of this cute idea ...

Naruzhka MagazineNo. 140  dated October, 2012, Page 31 - LONDON ISLET IN THE SHOPPING MALL “MEGA BELAYA DACHA”

During one month starting from August 21 visitors of the Shopping Mall “Mega Belaya Dacha” observed bright exhibition booth – pop-up store Debenhams. Structure installation was timed to opening of the first Russian department store of the well-known British network Debenhams. Visitors had a chance to get acquainted with the store product line just in its native environment – in an improvised street of London. Such promo offer was proposed by PR Agency R.S.V.P. and implemented by ad-manufacturing company POSMO3 that designed the concept and manufactured the booth.

This classic concept, which seems to be quite simple at the first sight, as it employs the most popular British symbols - double-decker bus, telephone booth and post box - attracted great interest and attention of visitors, whereas additional decorative elements – park bench, flowered beds and asphalt-like floor covering – evoked a sensation of real London street...