Presentation of the world top-priced collection of single-malt whiskey – the Dalmore Constellation - was held in Moscow. Totally there were manufactured 6 types of display cases united by a concept of the night sky of stars.

Light box made in a minimalist style – such a solution was chosen because no ballyhoo is needed for the joint bar of Ginza Project Network and Maxim Magazine. The only one task of this ad-structure is to announce: “Right here you will find exactly what you need.”

The second world-largest (after London) corner of the Perfume House Roja is an oasis of delicate selective aromas. Massive glass bottles take their places on the winners stand. Exquisite oriental Aoud Parfum occupies its special place inside the glass box.

For several days Department Store “Tsvetnoi” became a Mecca for the admirers of British style in clothing, music, cinematograph and even cookery. Loose British punk appeared to be a source of inspiration for the event decoration. And, of course, it couldn’t be without classic red telephone box and the huge Union Jack.

For the period of “Jean Achievements Days” - an event organized by UNIQLO company - an atrium of the same-name shopping mall turned into a fitting room. Immediately after the office gymnastics workshop votaries of the healthy lifestyle had a chance to test all advantages of stretchy jeans and take photos against the press-wall background.