Dalmore Starry Display Cases

Naruzhka MagazineNo. 143 dated February, 2013, Page 28 - DALMORE STARRY DISPLAY CASESRE

At the turn of the last year showroom of the State Department Store turned into a real observatory. The event was dedicated to presentation of the world top-priced collection of single-malt whiskey – the Dalmore Constellation, held in Moscow on November 29, 2012. POSMO3 company, which developed the display cases, was challenged to assist in making the collection presentation as much successful as possible through emphasizing the products nobleness and uniqueness.

It is commonly known that the stars live in the sky and their brightness is better visible in the night. That is why night sky of stars became a concept of display cases design.

Starry sky effect was achieved owing to a range of applied methods.

Reverse printing on plastic using the UV-curable paints made it possible to gain an effect of transparent plexiglas painted into customer brand colors. High quality splicing of the plastic panels allowed getting a one-box light item without any visible seams. Ultra luminous LED-panels, diode illumination with a synchronized remote control, additional light effects and technologies enabled to change the intensity and type of display cases illumination, providing the possibly to set up different shades of the night.

After the presentation in the State Department Store is finished the Constellation Collection bottles will be shown in several premium class shopping areas and lobby of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Totally there were manufactured 6 different types of display cases that took into account peculiarities of the areas allocated for their installation.